6 Essentials of Hyper-Local Risk Intelligence

Posted on Jan 31, 2020

Vetted, customized, hyper-local data is essential to proactive risk intelligence.

Take a look at these 6 advantages of using hyper-local intelligence to keep your people safe and operations running. 

1. Relevant

It’s not about a firehose of data, it’s about granular, hyper-localized relevant data. With so much information coming in from all sides— social media platforms and mobile computingtens of thousands of breaking news reports and stories from traditional electronic outlets and other online media sourcesnobody is lacking for quantity of information, but for quality of information. That's what Risk Center is all about.

Everbridge’s Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC), powered by NC4, provides you with the hyper-focused, highly relevant information you care about. 

By selecting the type of information you want to receive, you’re empowered to prioritize relevant incidents that affect the organization or require action. Severity levels are assigned by RIMC analysts based on close examination of a number of factors, including:  

  • Type, degree and extent of impact  
  • Size of the impacted area and population  
  • Potential for escalation of the incident  
  • Context and prior patterns (ex. sensitivity of location)  
  • Estimated time to resolution  

Using hyper-local data to set thresholds, we help you focus on incidents that are likely to: 1) yield noticeable disruption to operations; 2) involve multiple assets, or assets away from home facilities (i.e. travelers and or expats); 3) require corporate-level support for the response; or 4) warrant executive attention.  

2. Reliable 

Accurate, hyper-localized risk intelligence is not simply a data feed or alerts on your phone or app. Behind the “magic”, talented and dedicated RIMC analysts are evaluating, geo-locating, vetting, analyzing, and reporting on incidents 24/7/365 to give you actionable intelligence 

RIMC analysts are responsible for all aspects of real-time reporting from initial reporting to ongoing monitoring and closing of incidents, as well as conducting time-sensitive interactions with customers. 

Monitoring centers are staffed 24/7/365 on both U.S. coasts while other analysts are stationed around the world. The majority of our intelligence team holds advanced degrees, region-specific expertise, and fluency in a foreign language. Through a partnership with CyberTech, an India-based tech company, we also have access to a dedicated team specializing in coverage in India.  

3. Fast 

Once the RIMC has detected a possible threat event, they have mechanisms in place to handle the disambiguation and evaluation (processing) of indicators to deliver timely, accurate, and contextual information to users. This includes a multi-tier filtering process that reduces ‘noise’ and narrows down the number of concerns each analyst needs to review manually. Once these indicators are received via the collection platforms, our team of analysts, with the help of some automated and semi-automated processes, evaluate the timeliness, accuracy, and location of each potential event. The time between an event occurring and analyst team evaluating it is usually extremely fast which results in near real-time alerts. 

4. Customized 

Everbridge empowers you to configure custom profiles to receive relevant alerts for a broad array of threats and incident types. Leveraging our Risk Profile tool, users can capture (and adjust) their risk tolerance and notification requirements based on the nexus of incident severity and proximity to identified assets.  

Every enterprise has a unique risk profile based on a wide range of factors, including: geographic disposition; sector; quality and scope of security and resiliency plans; organizational size and structure; and other factors exposing the organization to threats and disruptions. For example, transportation disruptions may be critically important to an organization that relies on fulfillment centers but have a minimal impact on call center operations. 

Custom reports are also produced on an as-needed basis in response to a specific inquiry from a customer. This additional service can be delivered through verbal briefings between an analyst and clients via telephone, an email response to a specific inquiry, or a custom brief, such as travel report.  

5. Streamlined 

Targeted real-time alerting streamlines an organization’s ability to monitor and analyze domestic or worldwide incidents and events, dramatically increasing the ability to respond to risks that threaten people and organizations – locally and globally. 

Those tasked with protecting critical infrastructure, physical assets, supply chains, and employees use hyper-local intelligence and real-time threat information to execute a coordinated response to mitigate risks around the organizations they serve. This keeps people safe and businesses running. 

6. Proven 

Building on the best practices of NC4’s 15 years of running intelligence monitoring centers, the RIMC is the industry’s leading source of verified data and hyper-local threat intelligence.  

5 of the 6 largest Aerospace and Defense companies, 8 of the 10 largest commercial banks, 8 of the 10 largest computer software companies, and 5 of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies, use hyper-local intelligence powered by NC4. 

Risk Center is proven to enhance overall situational awareness, articulate relevance profiling for the highest-value alerting, provide granular targeted alerts, and in-depth predictive analysis for organizations around the globe—and we’re continually expanding with exciting new opportunities under the Everbridge umbrella. 

Let us show you how top quality and relevant hyper-local risk intelligence can make a difference in keeping your people safe and your business running faster. For help devising and managing the plan that’s right for you, get in touch with us! 


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