4 Reasons ActivTravel™ is Your Best Friend

Posted on Dec 20, 2018

Have you met ActivTravel™ yet?

Because it wants to be your new best friend.

ActivTravel is an add-on to NC4 Risk Center™ that combines travel intelligence, traveler tracking, and real-time threat alerting to give you a 360° view of travel risk exposure. It’s all the relevant information you need, exactly when you need it.

These days, satisfying your Duty of Care obligations means investing in the very best travel risk management tools to mitigate risk on behalf of your employees. Risk Center is #1 in providing real-time, early warning, and predictive intelligence of risks that could threaten critical infrastructure, cause business disruption, and affect employee health and safety. Each year, NC4 generates 250,000 incident reports, more than 10M alerts and more than 39M real-time notifications. Customers around the world rely on the extra security layer ActivTravel provides in tracking travelers and ensuring their safety.

Here are 4 reasons ActivTravel is your best friend when it comes to corporate travel:

  1. Pre-Trip Advisories

Customized pre-trip advisories are automatically sent to travelers at the time of booking. You can configure them in advance to include the information you want your traveler to know including travel policies, recent security threats, health and safety risks, visa requirements, and more.

  1. Situation Map

A detailed Situation Map helps you locate active and pending traveler locations and destinations based on the most current flight, ground transportation, and hotel itinerary information, all displayed in context with our real-time and regional incident reporting and analysis.

  1. Travel Alerts

Real-time travel alerts are automated and targeted, empowering travel managers to easily communicate relevant threats to active and pending travelers. This translates into meaningful alerts for travelers, increased policy compliance rates, and more time to focus on other responsibilities.

  1. Personalization

ActivTravel knows what you need. By personalizing alerts based on incident type, severity, latitude/ longitude, you’re not just getting any intelligence—you’re getting the best intelligence for you. Alerts and notifications can be configured to align with corporate policies such as destinations and country risk ratings.

Because we live in a global society, corporate business is borderless. Travel is a necessity, and one that isn’t going away. For an employer, it’s also a legal concern. With the global threat environment continuing to put travelers at risk, companies need to do all they can to alleviate business travel anxieties and keep employees safe.  

At NC4 we strive to improve risk visibility and situational awareness with real-time incident alerts, updates, and global security information to prepare employees for safer travel. Choose a travel security solution that is as reliable as the world is unpredictable, and make ActivTravel your new best friend.


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