2018’s Wet Hot Global Summer

Posted on Sep 06, 2018

The summer of 2018 saw deadly heat waves, record flooding, and large-scale fires all over the world. Gone are the days of geographical isolation. We live in a global society where all-time high temperatures, heavy rainfall, and wildfires affect your organization no matter where your employees, assets, supply chain, and offices are physically located. Running a large organization means being everywhere, all at once, around the clock. To protect their employees and operations, leaders and chief security officers need constant, real-time intelligence and global threat analysis to understand the context of what’s going on in every part of the world.

Cancelled flights, blocked roads, and evacuation orders were par for the course this summer. In July alone, record high temperatures were recorded in cities all over the world: from Norway and Sweden to the Middle East, from France and Siberia, to South Korea, China, and Japan, whose deadly floods preceded a record heat wave. There was record warmth even in the Arctic Circle. In Los Angeles, Death Valley set a record for the hottest month ever recorded on Earth, with an average daily temperature of 108°F. The U.K. suffered through one of its driest years on record. In California, a total of 5,756 fires burned an area of 1,250,488 acres. In India, monsoon floods this summer have killed 993 people so far. Time does not stop for weather-related emergencies. It is still your moral and legal duty to provide the highest level of care to your traveling employees, even when the unexpected happens.

NC4 Risk Center™ can be a fundamental tool toward gathering and disseminating information about weather. ActivWeather, the meteorological reporting tool for the NC4 Risk Center solution, integrates real-time weather data to provide detailed, customized, and comprehensive alerts that further enhance situational awareness. Users can create weather profiles that tailor the alerts they receive to their locations and preferences. Only weather information that matches the profile will trigger an alert to be sent.

This summer is a wakeup call for many. An organization's reaction to changes in weather patterns should be included in every travel risk assessment. Contact NC4 today at 877-624-4999, or feel free to email us anytime at info@nc4.com for more information on how to protect your organization and employees.

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