Be Fully Prepared for Incident Responses

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Being fully prepared for an intense cybersecurity situation goes beyond simply having procedures in place. Organizations need a fully aware incident response team that is highly educated, integrated, and light on its feet. A multi-faceted enemy presents itself in the world of cyber threats, one which plays by an ever-changing set of rules. But one advantage modern organizations can have is a growing knowledge bank that can be a fallback and guide when the situations become intense and fast paced. Cybersecurity awareness of the future will most likely rely on a crowdsourced innovation and forward-thinking solutions that can spread quickly and easily.

Cyber Security Awareness | Be Fully Prepared for Incident Responses

Modern leaders in data security should think in terms of a few key things: adaptability, a solid educational base, and the ability to engage with every branch in their organizational chart. Cyber-attacks now require a response both internal, public, and legal. This means that each troop within your ranks are on a similar page, and at the very minimum, know the playbook inside and out.

A company has to find which fit in the world of cybersecurity awareness is right for them. Some find that education through repeated training and exercise works best, as recently argued by the Head of Business and Information Security at the Economist Group, Vicki Gavin. Others speak to knowing simply the basics such as patching, locking down access controls, etc. And yet others look toward game-play scenarios and simulated attacks to hone their cybersecurity awareness. Generally, all of these concepts can be useful in refining cybersecurity, and no single solution, when it comes to incident responses, has proven to be absolute. 

With this in mind, and with the ever-evolving line of cyber threats, a high-functioning cybersecurity awareness team should place a premium on resources. This is at the heart of the platform that is NC4 Mission Center™. Highly secure and deeply collaborative, NC4 Mission Center is a lean-forward concept that looks to help keep an organization secure through vital interchangeable access to information and security knowledge. For more information on how NC4 Mission Center can help your organization prepare for threats, contact us today at 877-624-4999. Knowledge is safety, and the platform is the key. 


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