Baltimore Police Department adds 300 new computers to improve crime fighting technology

Posted on Apr 23, 2014

The Baltimore Police Department received a much needed technological boost in the beginning of April with the agency purchasing 300 new computers for their nine district stations, the Baltimore Sun reported.

The police department had been looking to upgrade its technology for the past few years and now officials say the new computers will allow officers to work faster and use crime control technology to solve cases more efficiently.


Upgrading an ongoing process

Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts said he has tried multiple times to address the upgrade in policing technology since the current system is far beyond its expiration date, the Baltimore Sun reported. Batts explained that some of the department's computer technology was more than 20 years old.

"We have a generation of officers [used] to high-end technology and they know how to use it effectively," Batts said in an official statement, according to the source. "We are going to provide them what they need so we can all work to reduce crime."

The police department did not explain how much the new computers would cost the department, or if any one source funded the upgrade - or even what type of computers were planned to be added to the agency. The Baltimore Police Department stressed that some of the older machines in their districts don't have the capability to run modern policing programs used in law enforcement.

Police officials told ABC affiliate WMAR the investment in police technology will generate faster intelligence sharing, advanced data analytics and the computers will create an all around more efficient police department.

"Some of the technology used by this organization is what I started using when I became a police officer 30 years ago," Batts added, according to WMAR. "It is unacceptable."

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake recently announced a $5 million investment that will allow patrolling officers to file police reports from crime scenes while their supervisors use a better work management system to control overtime costs with new technology, reported the Baltimore Sun.

However, the new investment has nothing to do with the hundreds of updated computers arriving to the police station. The computers will be able to help the police department keep track of more information on buildings, vehicles and crime trends around the city.

"Police officers need to be able to work in a reasonable environment, with good equipment, clean and modern facilities, and modern communications," consultants for the Baltimore Police Department said in an official statement, according to the Baltimore Sun.

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