Arizona police department puts funding toward technology improvements

Posted on May 15, 2014

The Paradise Valley Police Department in Arizona, had some big decisions to make after numerous burglaries were reported in 2012, the first of which was upgrading policing technology in the station, The Republic reported.

The residents in Paradise Valley made a call to action to make public safety a priority in the city, and that meant all-around improvements from the PVPD. According to the source, the PVPD added a plethora of new policing technology and added 20 percent more officers to its task force.


"The police department has come a long way in the last couple years," Police Chief John Bennett, told the Republic.

The PVPD added more than 20 technological upgrades to the policing agency after the city approved a $2.3 million budget that now has the police department equal to or even more advanced than other local agencies, the source reported. Lt. Mike Cole, a spokesman for the PVPD, explained to the source the station would be improved in every aspect with the technological upgrades.

"I think this is a really impressive overhaul," Cole added. "Actually, overhaul is probably even the wrong term as we didn't have a 'haul' to begin with. We are going from very little, to no technology, other than radios in the cars, to the leading edge."

Improving communication key

Some of the areas of improvement are going to be with their computer-aided dispatch system, record management technology and telephone and radio upgrades to improve overall communication.

Many police departments using crime control technology find that improving communication between officers helps solve crimes faster and lends itself to better response times in the field.

"The end result should be a much more efficient, effective, accurate and responsive police department," Cole said. "Our officers should be spending much more time in the field and less at the station, resulting in faster response times and greater visibility."

In Paradise Valley, several of the crimes are not related to physical harm. Many believe the area is very well-kept in regards to preventing violent crimes in the city, Police Chief Magazine reported. However, Paradise Valley has many low lit and dark areas that make it easier for property crimes.

The police department is hopeful the new technology will improve their operations and prevent more property crimes in the city. The agency only mans 36 sworn and 12 civilian agents, but believe the technology will make them a stronger force.

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