A Look into the Future Cybersecurity in 10 Years

Posted on Nov 15, 2017

For most businesses, cybersecurity awareness means having knowledge about possible threats, viruses, attacks, and breaches. The level of technical capability that will be necessary to ensure data safety in the years to come will far surpass what businesses currently have in place.

A Look into the Future: Cybersecurity in 10 Years

Ten years ago, Twitter was barely a year old and the IoT (Internet of Things) had a significantly smaller footprint, which made predicting how time would change cyberspace almost impossible. Although there are never exact predictions, those in the cybersecurity industry are able to estimate what resources and capabilities we'll need once we are there.

Those within the industry will invariably point to two large changes in the infrastructure of the web that we must understand in order to prepare. One is the all-consuming nature of cloud storage technologies, and the second is the effect of the ever-growing IoT.

In 2017, we live in a digital world still primarily run off of individual hard drives and solid-state servers. 2027 will be a world run largely in cloud technologies. With an expanded IoT, very few objects with a microchip will remain unconnected from the net. However, these infrastructural changes bring with them certain challenges. Beyond hardware, what more specific threats could 2027 bring? A few that are highly likely include:

  • The continuing monetization of cyber-attacks. Sophistication will grow, as will the capitalization on new expertise and technologies.
  • A possible increase in the use of cyber-attack by nation states.
  • More advanced capabilities from automated technologies, such as Soltra Edge®.

What can be done for businesses facing such a varied and broad threat field in the decade to come? It's imperative to start with organization and communication. No matter the threats, having a protected and reliable system in place will position you and your team to respond optimally to any situation.

Communication is a hallmark of cybersecurity awareness, and crowdsourcing threat intelligence allows invested parties to combine their collective knowledge to improve their cyber stance. Although we can't say for certain what 2027 will bring, technical ability, communication, user-friendly threat defense platforms, and experience will be critical to meet any challenge successfully.

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