A Collaborative Strategy Strengthens an Organizations Defenses

Posted on Jul 29, 2016

Cyber-attacks can strike any organization which stores valuable information. It is important to maintain vigilance within an organization and to strategize the most effective procedures to protect individual computers, networks, software, and customer and company data from cyber threats.
NC4 Mission CenterTM is a strong tool for companies to use in the struggle to allay cyber-attacks, as it provides a platform for security professionals to share cyber threat intelligence.

Cyber Threat Intelligence | Collaboration & Organizational Defense

Below are only a few of the many reasons why a collaborative strategy helps to strengthen an organization's defenses.

  • Collaboration allows information pertaining to cyber-attacks to be shared from organization to organization efficiently. Organizations are able to strengthen their cyber defenses when they participate in collecting, communicating, and disseminating information to help diminish cyber incidents. 
  • Many businesses believe collaboration will result in a 75% improvement in incident response. This collaboration may be in the form of weekly meetings to determine if any threats are imminent, emergency paging alerts when a cyber threat occurs, and follow-up emails once the threat is contained.
  • Inside organizations, security teams can implement processes among departments by assigning security levels throughout the organization and by defining specific classifications of threats and incidents. When team members understand their roles in cybersecurity, they are more apt to perform most efficiently.
  • In a bid to prevent cyber-attacks, organizations must look at risk analyses and perform both security assessments and vulnerability testing. If a fault is located, such as a malicious IP address, the IP address must be flagged and broadcast throughout the company's network and that information should be shared within the business sector via a web-based platform.

The cyber defenses of organizations are strengthened by becoming a part of a collaborative community that shares cyber threat intelligence, such as NC4 Mission Center Cyber Threat Exchange (CTX). CTX allows companies to share knowledge concerning cyber threats safely using a highly secure, web-based platform. Call 877-624-4999 to learn more about NC4 Mission Center and any of the other products and solutions we can offer your company.


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