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Posted on Apr 14, 2015

​George Johnson, NC4 Chief Security Officer, was recently interviewed by Federal News Radio on the subject of sharing information in a secure environment.

Listen to the recordingFederal News Radio

"There are a lot of information sharing platforms out there that are a commodity.  What we do differently is we have integrated security in, from the design concept all the way through execution and continuous monitoring, to ensure that we can deal with that highly sensitive information. We founded this business to do very high security work based on principles and techniques for protecting data that were developed at DARPA. "

The evolution of cyber threats from attacks against individual companies and agencies to attacks against similar companies and industries (finance, defense, retail, healthcare, energy, etc.) is a concern. The fact that the White House and Congress are pushing so hard for public-private information sharing legislation validates that the concern is real and immediate. 

NC4 has been in the business of providing secure information sharing exchanges for over a decade, to customers including US-CERT and FS-ISAC. NC4's Cyber Threat Exchanges enable members of trusted communities to share actionable cyber threat intelligence for a common defense against cyber-attacks.  NC4’s Cyber Threat Exchange solutions are a proven and trusted operational infrastructure that optimizes the human interaction component, allowing cyber professionals to exchange risk information in real-time with their trusted communities. 

  • Managing the fire hose of Big Data
  • Public-Private partnerships
  • Sharing cyber risk information
  • Trust Communities
  • Machine-to-machine level sharing
  • Mobile app for tracking and protecting travelers


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