6 Mobile Cyber Threats That Could Impact Your Organization

Posted on May 31, 2017

When we think of cyber threats, we often think of large offices filled with computers, or hackers gaining access to massive online systems and websites. But, as threats evolve, it becomes more clear that almost any device connected to the Internet is at risk for some level of attack. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term for the sprawling nature of our interconnected world; one in which devices from refrigerators to televisions are all connected to the Internet. Attacks on the IoT worries some well-versed members of the cyber threat intelligence community. Mobile devices fit squarely in the Venn diagram of threat assessment.

Mobile Cyber Threats

Because of this, organizations need to take mobile device security seriously; some organizations have few, if any, applicable rules that govern device use by employees. The Federal Communications Commission certainly sees the dangers, and, in their recent small business cyber planning guide, they outlined six of the most likely mobile device-based threats to affect your organization.

1. Data Loss: Data losses can be devastating economically and can take years to recover from. The data loss can be a result of malicious intent or simple carelessness among employees.

2. Malware: In the FCC's guide, they highlight Android devices as being particularly vulnerable. Regardless, almost any mobile device can be hacked, and taking steps to secure your entire system is wise no matter the device type.

3. Social Engineering Attacks: Social engineering is simply a fancy phrase for tricking individuals into giving up valuable information via their devices. Education and the ability to recognize phishing attempts are key here.

4. Resource Abuse: Everything from DoS attacks (denial of service) to overused systems falls into this category. Mobile devices can be particularly hard to supervise for a large organization.

5. Data Integrity: The reliability of your data is paramount, and complex mobile attacks can seek to disrupt this.

6. Web and Network: Malicious websites can target a device's browser and attack using malware or by extracting information that flows through the browser.Once a virus or hacker is within the mainframe of your system, often masquerading as a real employee, it can be very difficult to extract the threat.

Taken all together, it's clear how far reaching threats can be to mobile systems. To take more steps to improve your security, look for platforms that enhance your organization's cyber threat intelligence within your enterprise.

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