5 tips for businesses to stay connected during the hurricane season

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

As the hurricane season continues, many businesses and residents are trying to stay connected in case a disastrous event strikes. While these types of incidents are unpredictable, there are ways businesses can stay connected and safe during a hurricane.

During the hurricane season businesses should take extra steps to keep the workforce connected

Here are five tips for businesses to stay connected during the hurricane season:

1. Have mobile devices charged at all times
During the hurricane season, one storm can completely disconnect a company with a major power outage. According to Hawaii Reporter, people in high-risk areas for hurricanes should keep their devices connected at all times and always have a plan for recharging batteries in the instance of a power outage.

Businesses should update their disaster management plan to ensure employees are keeping phone, laptop, tablet and other electronic devices' chargers at work through the entire storm season.

2. Stay up to date with weather reports
Even though several news outlets constantly talk about potential storms during the hurricane season, suffering a power loss could disconnect workers from television resources to check weather. According to Hawaii Reporter, when the power is out, having access to the internet is key and businesses should be constantly up to date with the weather reports.

3. Limit non-emergency calls during a disaster
Businesses have a responsibility to protect their workers in the case of a natural disaster. According to the Federal Communications Commission, during a disaster incident, people are encouraged to limit calls and only make phone calls when there's an emergency. During disasters such as a hurricane, networks may become congested and businesses should have their workers prepared to make only emergency calls during an incident.

The FCC recommends people to use text messaging to stay in contact with loved ones since it jams the network much less than phone calls.

4. Customize phone to have emergency contacts
Employees should be advised to change their phone's emergency contacts to include the fire department, the police department, a hospital and a primary contact, the Hawaii Reporter cited. This could help protect an employee in case they were ever injured and needed help making an emergency phone call.

5. Practice disaster management plan
The best way for a business to fully execute their disaster management plan successfully is to practice the strategy annually or bi-annually. By taking the right steps in preparation, businesses can likely avoid certain risks and increase their ability to handle a disaster if one ever strikes.

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