4 Ways Real Time Reporting Impacts Public Safety Officials

Posted on Apr 18, 2017

Accurate real-time reporting is vital for an enormous cross-section of a public safety official's day to day work, especially those in law enforcement. As we've ramped up the ability and amount of information coming into public safety agencies, finding the critical data amongst the clutter is key. NC4 Street Smart is a collaborative platform that allows information reporting and sharing in a sensible, yet innovative way. It enables officers to sort through all the available data to connect the dots, share information with other officers in real-time, and fight crime on-the-street.

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Here are four unique ways in which the reporting of information can affect public safety officials:

1. Coming to the Scene Prepared

One of the critical ways in which data mapping and information collaboration can show results at the ground level is by allowing public safety officials to be better prepared when entering a scene. In the past, on-the-scene information may have been word of mouth only. By arming officials with a bundle of critical and relevant information, we can begin to provide relevant responses immediately.

2. Context

Information is all about context for public safety officials, and the more vivid the context, the better the allocation of resources and dispatch of personnel. When used effectively, modern technological platforms can help sort a life or death situation from a cat-in-tree call with significantly more clarity.

3. Patterns

By working with data and analytics, public safety officials can get a better sense of the patterns in their community over time. These may be subtle at first, but the patterns will be valuable insight in the illuminating in the long-term. This is an intelligence-led approach to community security, enhanced with modern technology.

4. Improved Efficiency

Written reports ensure old-fashioned redundancy, but they bog down many public safety institutions, particularly law-enforcement. But, with streamlined solutions and platforms for better dissemination of information, personnel can be freed for other critical jobs. This is one of the driving conceptual forces behind the NC4 Street Smart solution.

Safety and security solutions are evolving, and it's important that your department or organization does not get left behind. To learn more about how the advantages of using a real-time reporting solution for accurate and real-time information, contact NC4 today at 877-624-4999.

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