4 Ways NC4 Risk Center Can Help Protect Organizations

Posted on May 23, 2017

NC4 is a brand that has proven its worth to an array of businesses in the realm of risk mitigation. We help companies feel more secure and alert in day-to-day operations across the globe. NC4 Risk Center™, in particular, assists organizations with tools to achieve greater physical security and travel risk management . NC4 Risk Center is just one of the advanced tools in the portfolio of safety and security products we offer.

Travel Risk Management | 4 Ways NC4 Risk Center Protects Organizations</

Threats evolve quickly, and because of this, communication throughout your organization is vital. Information must be relevant, easy to digest, and timely: all aspects that we consider when designing NC4 Risk Center. Real-time data, accessible through a variety of devices, provides GPS-powered alerts and tracking, making the NC4 Risk Center insights accessible for your traveling employees. The NC4 Risk Center smartphone app makes insights accessible in just moments.

But, what specific ways can such a technologically-evolved platform help in protecting your organization's people and assets? We've assembled a list of four basic areas in which NC4 Risk Center™ excels.

1. Proactive Security

With the platform's predictive tools, and its ability to see patterns in information, your corporate security can become more proactive. Proper intelligence can signal events upstream, allowing you and your teams to prepare in advance for any situation ranging from severe weather to terrorism.

2. Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Most organizations have offices and corporate assets spread out across the globe. All of these have their own unique risks and threats. If a supply chain is involved, one missing link can lead to issues. But with NC4 Risk Center, everyone stays in the loop including suppliers, customers, manufacturers, and salespeople.

3. Travel Risk Management

Travel threats can be a challenging part of a large organization's management infrastructure, and mitigating threats and risks as much as possible is fundamental. Our platform helps improve situational awareness, a key factor in travel safety.

4. Business Continuity

Communication and situational awareness are important to having steady business continuity, which is an essential pillar of any widespread organization. By keeping everyone informed of evolving situations and proactively assisting teams with information, your organization can continue to thrive even in adversity.  

With NC4 Risk Center, your ability to manage and improve the reliability of your systems is greatly improved. From travel risk management to company-wide communication, having a world-class risk visibility platform goes a long way. For more information, contact us today at 877-624-3771, or feel free to email us anytime at info@NC4.com.

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