4 Myths of Intelligence Led Policing

Posted on May 30, 2016

Do you believe some of the most commonly held fallacies regarding intelligence-led policing? Here is a list of widely believed misconceptions on this type of law enforcement tech:

Law Enforcement Tech</It is for soft crime only.

Not true. While some people view intelligence-led and community policing as some form of social work, the truth is that having more information can help you do your job better on all levels. In fact, intelligence-led policing actually can lead to a reduction in serious crimes such as drug-related offenses.

It is too expensive.
Not true. While there are definitely costs associated with innovative technology, the reduction in paperwork, bureaucracy, and over-staffing realized through the implementation of intelligence-led policing certainly will help to offset the expenses involved in the acquisition of a new system.

Traditional police work is not compatible with intelligence-based methods.
Not true. Intelligence-led policing is 100% complementary to your established techniques and methods and will only serve to enhance them.

Police officers utilizing intelligence-based methods are different from "real" police officers.
Not true. Intelligence-led technology simply is the next step in policing. Without it, your officers are at a disadvantage.

Here is the truth about intelligence-led policing: It is constructed around the proper assessment and intelligent management of risk. It applies a value-driven philosophy to your police-service delivery by integrating the fundamental principles of command and control, community policing, and problem-solving policing, all while adding in the crucial component of savvy data analysis.

Intelligence-led policing means looking at policing through a lens of information-organizing techniques that provide real insight into crime trends and challenges. It helps you to take advantage of all available resources in the decision-making process for crime prevention and control. NC4's law enforcement solutions, such as NC4 Street Smart™, allow you to do just that.

Keep in mind that the preceding examples of myths about intelligence-led policing represent just a sampling. The experts at NC4 would be more than happy to speak with you about the many misconceptions regarding intelligence-led policing, and, specifically, to provide more information on law enforcement tech, including both NC4 Signal and NC4 Street Smart™. Call today at 1-877-624-4999, or contact us online.

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