3 Public Service Agencies Using NC4 Street Smart

Posted on May 01, 2017

Public safety agencies of large cities and small rural communities are discovering more and more the need for high-level law enforcement technology in helping their organizations. From data storage to easy-to-use, real-time maps, NC4 Street Smart® is a system that offers benefits on many levels. Information needs to be accessible to officers while on patrol, both quickly and accurately. Our software has taken that unique situation into account with features that are custom created for law enforcement professionals.

Law Enforcement Technology | 3 Agencies Using NC4 Street Smart®</The adopters of this next level of technology for law enforcement have been vocal in their appreciation for what this revolutionary product can provide. Each department can implement NC4 Street Smart as an application for their specific needs and critical information areas. With it, agencies across the country have seen greater communication capabilities and collaborative data options.

1.    Tampa Police Department

Tampa PD has well over 1,000 officers and 350 support staff, and have been innovators in launching a new policing philosophy specifically targeting four high-volume Part 1 crimes. Since 2012, when the City of Tampa began using NC4 Street Smart, a 22.93% drop in crime has been documented. The Tampa PD has set out to make community involvement and innovation two key fixtures to their ongoing accomplishments; our platforms can aid in both these goals.


2.    Bloomington Police Department

In Bloomington Indiana, a town of over 80,000 has seen improved collaboration among its officers as one of the most profound benefits of the NC4 Street Smart system. With greater communication, resources and personnel are used with far better efficiency, which is a major goal of the Bloomington PD. Our platform is used much like a social media device for this organization.


3.    New Castle County Police Department

New Castle County's Chief of Police, Elmer M. Setting, saw the advantages of NC4 Street Smart immediately and looked to innovate with the revolutionary technology. A long-time member of the department, which covers Delaware's most populated county at 423 square miles and over half a million citizens, he believes the software's capabilities allow his officers to be proactive rather than simply responsive. The New Castle County PD's focus on quality-of-life crime has been greatly enhanced over the years with this cutting-edge platform.


When it comes to law enforcement technology, word about beneficial advances travels fast amongst this tight-knit community. The uses and applications of NC4 Street Smart continue to grow. For more information about how your department can upgrade its services for communication and collaboration, contact NC4 today at 877-624-3771.

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