3 Major Areas of Focus For Modern Cybersecurity Intelligence

Posted on Sep 02, 2015

Cybersecurity is often discussed inside boardrooms and among front-line employees, but the concept itself is more nuanced than many think. With constant developments coming from both criminals and those looking to defend sensitive data, it's hard to ever have a comprehensive understanding of
cybersecurity - it's simply too dynamic of a concept. Business leaders should concern themselves with understanding changes in the field and what they can do to ensure continuity of security efforts despite advances made by hackers and other criminals on digital networks.

While by no means an exhaustive list, these three major areas of focus can help direct time and resources to the appropriate areas for staying relevant in the cybersecurity world:

"A communal approach to cybersecurity broadens awareness and reduces the chances that the same attack could prove successful at companies that share commonalities."

1. The reach and scope of security issues
As SearchCIO pointed out, cybersecurity is no longer - and likely never was - an issue exclusive to the IT department. While the staff members in charge of technology implementation and management frequently take a leading role in defense efforts, they cannot be the only participants. Limiting the issue to a relatively small group that has a moderate or low level of contact with the day-to-day operations of a business leads to holes in defensive strategy and a lack of companywide comprehension. No matter the technological safeguards put in place, an uneducated staff means a weak point in cybersecurity efforts.

A continual process for engaging employees may prove to be the best defense. SearchCIO said employees need training, monitoring and opportunities for improvement. Communication of policy, potential threats and best practices should be regular events and properly emphasized. That process of engagement shouldn't only include employees and managers, but executives as well. A true recognition of the scope of cybersecurity issues requires the involvement of all the stakeholders inside a company.

2. The constantly changing nature of attacks and security
The first computer viruses and email worms are incredibly basic and almost totally ineffectual by modern standards. The evolution from the beginnings of cyberattacks to the current state of affairs is a powerful reminder of how many changes take place. With that dynamic nature in mind, business leaders should structure protective efforts to function continually instead of setting starting and ending points. Continual budgeting of resources and attention paid to emerging issues in cybersecurity pay off by keeping solutions to potential threats relevant and preventing stagnation.

3. The level of external collaboration needed
Many companies focus on internal improvements when it comes to cybersecurity, but that often isn't enough for complete awareness and protection. Organizations must have some level of contact with other businesses inside and outside of their chosen industries and markets. This communal approach to cybersecurity broadens awareness and reduces the chances that the same attack could prove successful at companies that share commonalities. Both President Obama and gatherings of various industry groups have pushed for increased information sharing and communal awareness to fight back against cyberattacks. The rise of breaches and attempts in the automotive industry - due in part to the increased connectivity of cars - recently led to an alliance among the major manufacturers in that space, as Mashable reported.

Getting started
A truly complete cybersecurity solution includes communicating with others about emerging threats. NC4 Mission Center Cyber Threat Exchange allows companies to discuss potential problems quickly and discreetly, staying informed and planning coordinated responses that can be significantly more effective than individual efforts. With a high level of control over the data shared, NC4 Mission Center Cyber Threat Exchange is a high-performing solution for a wide variety of companies.

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