3 Current Situations to be Mindful of When Planning Travel

Posted on Jun 27, 2017

Understanding emerging threats is key to being an effective travel risk manager. All the planning and guidelines accomplish little if you aren't on top of the most pressing issues as they unfold. Travel risk management is a complicated endeavor, especially for a large organization with many moving pieces and people. But it all boils down to the keeping your employees safe and secure.

Travel Risk Management | 3 Current Situations to Be Aware Of</The areas to which your employees will travel determine many of the specific threats they may face when there. These threats evolve, and staying informed of these changes is one of the main goals of a manager charged with risk management. In 2017, the threats are many, but the three highlighted below should be of particular concern to an international organization in the coming months.

1.    Measles Outbreak in Europe:

Measles, as odd as it sounds, have become a stringent concern across the European continent in recent years. 2017 has stood out in this regard even more so, with over 500 cases reported in January alone. The largest outbreaks are currently occurring in Italy and Romania (Romania has had 3400 cases since 2016). If your employees are traveling to this area, checking with your organization's medical personnel, as well as noting vaccinations, is important.

2.    Heightened North Korean Tension

North Korea has been volatile for some time, but recent events have prompted the U.S. State Department to put out a specific warning on May 9th against travel to the area. It's important to stay aware of the conditions in surrounding areas (such as Seoul, South Korea, or even Japan) as they evolve. The Swedish Embassy is available as a U.S. Protecting Power within the borders of North Korea if needed.

3.    Terrorism Threat

Staying attentive to international terrorism threat levels is one of the most pressing jobs of proper travel risk management. Major current warnings are ongoing in the European continent as well as the Philippines. The State Department has put out a warning regarding a rash of kidnappings in several areas in the Philippines. Having an organizational terrorism response plan is vital; understanding threats is only one part of a comprehensive management plan.

Platforms that offer organization and ease of communication are great tools for travel risk management. NC4 Risk Center™ is one of the best risk management tools on the market. For more information, contact us anytime at 877-624-4999

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