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Travel Risk Management

The Top 5 Preventable Risks of Employee Travel
As a company's global footprint expands, traveling employees become both an asset and a potential liability. To manage travel risks, staying up-to-date on the most severe travel threats is imperative....
Business Traveler Checklist
The safety of traveling employees is incredibly important for all companies. If you're in charge of leading travel risk management for your organization, arm yourself and your travelers with this business...
Help Your Traveling Employees Understand Their Airline Rights
Incidents this past spring brought a heightened awareness to airline safety and security. But in particular, it brought into focus this question what exactly are your rights as an airline passenger? From...
3 Current Situations to be Mindful of When Planning Travel
​Understanding emerging threats is key to being an effective travel risk manager. All the planning and guidelines accomplish little if you aren't on top of the most pressing issues as they unfold. Travel...
Ensuring Business Travel Safety in a Sharing Environment
We live in a world that is built around sharing. Powered by the proliferation of technology, homeowners are now sharing their accommodations via websites like Airbnb and HomeAway. Travelers can cut costs...

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