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Sensitive Procurement Solutions

In an ever increasing cyber threat environment, it is impossible to know with certainty where the next emerging threat will come from, and where it will be targeted. New attack techniques and threats surface daily that are aggressive, well-organized, well-funded and very sophisticated. Many are targeted at trying to steal trade secrets and innovations.

Securely managing contracts in this cyber threat environment can present an enormous challenge: from needing to coordinate with internal and external stakeholders, combined with intricacies within each group's mission requirements, and then overlaid with the need to enforce security protocols – all these needs coalesce to push the boundaries and complexities of the security responsibilities involved in managing a contract through its life cycle.

The ability to manage information system-related security risks in the contract management life cycle begins with having a secure computing environment, one that meets or exceeds U.S. Federal Agency standards for managing sensitive information. A cyber secure environment for contract management allows participants from government and corporations to coordinate projects and share information, while protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII), as well as partner vendors' proprietary information, the bidding process and more. In addition, a secure contracts management system helps streamline the invoicing and procurement process, and supports FAR compliance and other regulations.

NC4's Secure Contracts Management solution provides organizations with modern Web 2.0 functionality to support the contract life cycle in a secure computing environment built to FISMA 800-53 standards. From contract procurement requests and solicitations, to managing the contract repository and FAR compliance, NC4 helps organizations implement a secure cyber environment for contract management. Benefits include:

  • Improves information security and mitigates information system-related security risks
  • Facilitates secure communication and collaboration across all contracting parties
  • Streamlines the invoicing and procurement process
  • Low-maintenance Managed Services requires no additional IT hardware investment
  • Easily integrates with existing legacy applications

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