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NC4 partners with CyberTech to deliver combined Law Enforcement Solution

October 23, 2017

NC4® has partnered with CyberTech to work to deliver end-to-end solutions for law enforcement that will bring enhanced tools and analytics to the crime fight. The combined solutions will enable real-time crime centers, back office analysts and front line patrol officers and deputies to share information to solve crime faster.

NC4 Announces the Appointment of New President, Karl Kotalik

October 18, 2017

NC4® announced today that following a successful 14-year tenure as NC4’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Jim Montagnino will continue as CEO and transfer his duties as President to another executive. The company also announced that Karl Kotalik, Vice President of NC4’s Global Strategy and Intelligence, will assume the role of President. Kotalik has more than 30 years of experience implementing technology solutions for government and large corporations. He was also responsible for much of the vision and creation of the NC4 Risk Center solution in early 2004.

October 10, 2017

NC4® will be showcasing the real-time, award-winning, crime-fighting solution, NC4 Street Smart® at the 124th International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from October 21-24, 2017. Our customer base has experienced double-digit crime reduction numbers in Part 1 crimes with the help of Street Smart. The Tampa Police Department (TPD), once #2 in the nation in crime, has reduced Part 1 Crime by 75% since its peak in 2003. In addition, the amount of time needed to make an arrest has dropped by 33% with the help of Street Smart.

Cyber Defense Network announced for Financial Services Industry

September 28, 2017

NC4® announces the Cyber Defense Network for the Financial Services Industry (CDN/FS).  The new program will include STIX/TAXII -based community cyber threat intelligence sharing among members coupled with defensive action capabilities that individual member companies can use. CDN will support several critical infrastructure industries but will begin with financial services. Members of the FS-ISAC will be eligible to participate in CDN/FS.  

NC4 to Showcase Advancements at ASIS International Conference

September 12, 2017

NC4® is excited to announce an expanded user interface and mapping to provide advanced capabilities for NC4 Risk Center™ users. Risk Center will be showcased at the 63rd Annual ASIS International Conference in Dallas, TX at the Kay Bailey Convention Center from September 26th – 28th. Stop by booth 501 at ASIS to see what’s new with Risk Center and to receive a live demonstration of the new enhanced user interface and the exciting upcoming features that make Risk Center the best choice for risk mitigation. Sign up here for access to our exclusive NC4 VIP Lounge inside our booth at ASIS 2017 for morning coffee and our happy hour.

NC4 Street Smart® chosen by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and surrounding agencies to help reduce crime in the County

June 20, 2017

NC4® announced today that the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and thirteen surrounding law enforcement agencies, located on the Northeast Coast of Florida, have chosen NC4 Street Smart® to help their forces fight crime within their jurisdictions. With 460 sworn at the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and over 750 sworn at the surrounding agencies, this solution will allow over 1,200 sheriff deputies and police officers to stay apprised of activities and to collaborate with each other using situation-based bulletins, secure blogs and case management tools that optimize the sharing of crime-related information.

NC4’s E Team® solution proves instrumental in successful emergency preparedness simulation, Operation Gotham Shield

June 13, 2017

In a joint exercise, the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, together with local law enforcement agencies, took part in a simulation exercise to test emergency preparedness in the event of a large-scale threat. NC4’s E Team® solution was at the forefront of this exercise, providing comprehensive, real-time situational awareness to assist emergency responders.

NC4® Lands Contract with the California Department of Health

June 6, 2017

NC4® announced today a contract award with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to support California's public health and medical emergency response activities. NC4 worked with the CDPH to develop strategic software offering incident command and real-time data to assist them in their efforts to protect the public health and shape positive health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities in the Golden State.

NC4® Announces General Availability of CTX/Soltra Edge™ 2.10 

March 23, 2017

NC4® announced today the general availability of CTX/Soltra Edge™ 2.10. The CTX/Soltra Edge solutions enable two-way sharing capabilities with DHS AIS in support of our nation’s stance around cyber information sharing, and the new release introduces multiple licensing options that will further improve the cyber defense of communities and companies who share threat intelligence.

Tampa Police Department continues to see reduction in crime year after year

February 14, 2017

NC4® would like to congratulate Chief Eric Ward and the men and women of the Tampa Police Department on another amazing year of crime fighting. Tampa Police saw an 8.9% reduction in Part 1 crimes in 2016 and a 22.93% reduction in Part 1 crimes since the deployment of NC4 Street Smart in 2012.

NC4® Webcast to focus on how Cyber Information Sharing is Starting to Connect with Cyber Defense

January 26, 2017

NC4® will be hosting a special live webcast on Friday, December 27th to discuss how cyber threat sharing is converging with cyber defense to protect not only individual enterprises but also key sectors such as the Financial Services and others. The webcast will feature industry experts who are working to improve our nation's stance on cyber information sharing. NC4 will also provide updates on the CTX/Soltra Edge™ solution.

NC4® Recognized as Exceptional Vendor

December 14, 2016

NC4® has been recognized as an Emergency Incident Management Systems champion by Info-Tech Research Group. Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace. Assessing vendors by the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise, Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscapes pay tribute to the contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category.

NC4® Announces Soltra-Based Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions

December 13, 2016

NC4® held a special live webcast last week to make exciting product announcements about the newly acquired Soltra business. The Soltra acquisition and the new Soltra product announcements demonstrate NC4’s continuing commitment to improving the cyber defense of communities and companies who share threat intelligence. Toward those efforts, NC4 will be releasing multiple product versions based on what had previously been known as Soltra Edge 2.9.

NC4® to Announce Soltra Based Cyber Solutions in Thursday Webcast

December 6, 2016

NC4® will hold a special live webcast this Thursday to announce solutions for automated Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) based on the newly acquired Soltra Business. On Friday, the Obama Administration released a special report from the "Commission on Enhancing National Security" that focused in part on Critical Infrastructure Protection and the need for more cyber security specialists. The incoming Trump administration is expected to be briefed on the finding in this report. Cyber threat sharing has also been a focus of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) legislation and the DHS Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) program. With participants from Los Angeles, California and Washington DC, the webcast will also address the role of automated threat sharing in fighting cyber-attacks.

NC4® to buy Cyber Threat Intelligence Company, Soltra, from FS-ISAC, DTCC

November 23, 2016

NC4® announced today the acquisition of Soltra, the cyber threat intelligence (CIT) platform, Soltra Edge. The acquisition will expand NC4's cyber threat sharing solutions through automation for both individual companies as well as critical infrastructure sectors such as the financial services industry. 

NC4® Emergency Management Solution Continues to Keep EOCs at the Ready

November 1, 2016

NC4® announced today the general availability of its Release 9.7 E Team™ solution. The E Team solution provides EOCs with the ability to quickly geolocate life-saving resources during emergencies and disasters, and to share real-time information and reports expediently across their Emergency Management operations. The E Team solution is widely used across much of the United States and Canada to enhance situational awareness with its common operating picture, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of incident and recovery information.

Miami Police Department chooses NC4 Street Smart to help protect and serve the City of Miami

October 11, 2016

NC4® announced today that the Miami Police Department has chosen NC4 Street Smart to help the police force of 1200 sworn officers communicate more effectively and to better equip them with technology that will help reduce crime and protect the lives, property and the rights of the City of Miami's citizens.

Fulton County Police Department chooses NC4 Street Smart to help reduce criminal activity in the County

October 4, 2016

NC4® announced today that the Fulton County Police Department (FCPD) has chosen NC4 Street smart to help fight crime in the county. Fulton County, located in Georgia, has an authorized strength of 150 sworn officers and serves a population of 120,000. This solution will supplement their efforts to reduce overall crime within the county and help keep the citizens and officers in their communities safe.

NC4® to showcase advancements at International ASIS Conference

September 12, 2016

The NC4 Risk Center™ platform that will be showcased at the 62nd International ASIS seminar and exhibit in Orlando, FL from September 12th – 14th. The updated capabilities will be demonstrated by special appointment and in planned sessions during the event.

NC4 Risk Center is recognized as the leader in providing real-time, early warning and predictive intelligence of risks that could threaten critical infrastructure, cause business disruption or affect employee health and safety. In addition, NC4 provides real time tracking of travelers around the world to keep travelers safe and to satisfy Duty of Care concerns. The enhancements being introduced to the NC4 Risk Center solution include a new mobile application, updated mapping for ease of use and better display of customer assets and new interface updates that will continue through 2017.

NC4® provides grant services to help organizations fight crime using NC4 Street Smart™

September 6, 2016

NC4® announced today that it has partnered with to provide grant services to identify and help law enforcement organizations submit grant requests. The goal of this program is to provide thorough information about available grants and the tools to create successful applications. The team of law enforcement grant experts at offer a multitude of grant assistance tools such as: grant research, grant alerts, application help and custom grant writing services.

NC4® Joins Global Cyber Alliance

May 2, 2016

NC4® announced today that it has joined Global Cyber Alliance, an international, cross-sector effort designed to confront, address, and prevent malicious cyber activity. Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) was founded by the Manhattan, N.Y., district attorney's office and City of London Police in association with the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a not-for-profit organization that oversees the Multistate Information Sharing and Analysis Center. Partners that have joined GCA include leaders from security, defense, retail, healthcare, insurance, energy, aviation, education, law enforcement, government, and finance institutions.

City of Dallas Continues to see Results with E Team®

March 17, 2016

NC4® announced today that the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will fully engage the services of NC4 and expand their usage of the E Team solution. E Team provides the Dallas OEM with a common operating picture that enables vital information sharing across the region and helps expedite the response/recovery times during emergencies and disasters. The ability to quickly and easily share vital information through the E Team solution increases the efficiency and accuracy of threat, incident and recovery information.

Wilmington, DE Police Department to implement NC4 Street Smart™ in their real-time Crime Center

February 23, 2016

NC4® has been chosen by the Wilmington, Delaware Police Department (WPD) to provide the NC4 Street Smart™ solution to bring together all of Wilmington’s computer systems and help make their real-time Crime Center a reality. The Center will be used to monitor surveillance video and police actions and will allow the WPD to aggregate real-time data, information and resources from many different sources, putting the city at the cutting edge of crisis response.

NC4 Street Smart™ chosen to help in preventing and solving crimes in Flint, Michigan

February 12, 2016

NC4® is excited to announce that the Flint Police Department (FPD) has chosen NC4 Street Smart™ to help track crime and enhance the safety and security of people who live, work, and visit the city of Flint. “The ability to give officers real-time data is crucial to preventing and solving crime. NC4 Street Smart will be a great proactive tool in helping us in our crime-fighting efforts,” said James Tolbert, Chief of Police.

NC4® Launches Microsoft Windows 10 Universal Application for NC4 Street Smart™ at IACP Conference

October 26, 2015

NC4® and Microsoft are delighted to announce the launch of the Microsoft Windows 10 Universal Application for NC4 Street Smart™. This universal application is an extension of the current NC4 Street Smart operating platform now accessible from mobile devices, laptops and tablets as well as large-scale displays including Microsoft’s new Surface Hub.

NC4® Expands Crime Fighting Tool with New Integrations

October 23, 2015

NC4® has collaborated with Motorola Solutions to integrate PremierOne™ Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) & Records Management Solution (RMS) with NC4 Street Smart™. The collaboration empowers customers to leverage their investments to better fight crime. Calls for emergency services are managed by CAD and seamlessly integrated with NC4 Street Smart. This allows responding officers to validate the crime inside NC4 Street Smart and immediately begin to fight crime while continuing to report using PremierOne RMS features. This partnership provides a complete end to end view on crime fighting. Integration will make it easier for customers to deploy NC4 Street Smart™.

Pembroke Pines Police Department announces decision to use NC4 Street Smart™ in their daily crime-fighting efforts

October 19, 2015

Today's announcement of Pembroke Pines Police Department's use of NC4 Street Smart marks the latest expansion of NC4 Street Smart in the Florida region. Pembroke Pines Police Department joins a list of numerous other police departments in Florida and across the U.S. who have chosen NC4 Street Smart to help their in their crime-fighting efforts.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office chooses NC4 Street Smart™  as their real-time crime-fighting software

September 14, 2015

NC4® announced today that the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has chosen NC4 Street Smart™ to help fight crime within their county. The Sheriff’s Office serves the population of Sarasota County, FL, which is located on the Gulf Coast and home to 387,000 residents. During the winter, seasonal residents bring the total population to over 500,000.

NC4® Named Microsoft U.S. State & Local Government
Solution Partner of the Year

August 13, 2015

NC4 has been named a Microsoft (MSFT) 2015 U.S. State & Local Government Solution Partner of the Year for its NC4 Street Smart™ solution. The Partner of the Year awards highlight and recognize excellence and achievement among Microsoft partners who are transforming organizations via the cloud and producing exceptional results for U.S. government, healthcare and education customers.

AIG Travel Introduces Travel Guard® Travel Tracer

July 26, 2015

AIG Travel announced today a new online tool, Travel Guard® Travel Tracer Powered by NC4®™, now available to companies across the globe. The comprehensive, configurable risk management solution gives employers and organizations the opportunity to track and manage the safety of business travelers, employees and fixed assets worldwide.

NC4® Announces Windows 10 Application for NC4 Street Smart™

July 1, 2015

NC4® announced today its latest development effort to combine its award-winning software, NC4 Street Smart™ with Microsoft Corp.’s latest hardware and software offerings. NC4 and Microsoft are working to build a new Windows 10 application that will allow users to access NC4 Street Smart from devices such as Microsoft Surface Hub during roll calls or crime fighting meetings. This same application can also be used in their cruiser on devices including Surface or Windows 10 Mobile. While not limited or restricted to Microsoft hardware, the new application is designed to take advantage of the latest advances in Windows 10 and the latest hardware including onboard GPS and camera functions to give law enforcement easy-to-use, mission-critical tools for fighting crime.

NC4® Cyber Threat Exchange Showcased at 27th FIRST Annual Conference

June 16, 2015

NC4’s George Johnson, along with Wayne Boline (DIB ISAO, or DSIE) and Denise Anderson (FS-ISAC) are co-presenting at the 27th FIRST Annual Conference in the session, Technology, Trust, and Connecting the Dots. The presentation will examine real world cyber-specialized social collaboration and automated threat sharing innovations that give cyber defenders the tools to identify and leverage the most important and relevant threat data. It will outline critical success factors that generate high levels of community interaction and trust to drive successful collaboration. The work being done by NC4 communities demonstrates the different models in which information exchange can be done in realistic, self-sustainable, and highly effective ways.

NC4® Portal Solution Selected to Improve Community Cyber Security Sharing Practices Across the Retail Sector

May 11, 2015

NC4® announced today that the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) joins other leading critical infrastructure entities using NC4’s Cyber Threat Exchange to improve cyber security and enhance community and member sharing practices. The solution is part of an overall ecosystem of technologies and practices focused on defending the critical Retail sector and an estimated $22 Trillion in retail transactions worldwide. The R-CISC Intelligence Sharing Portal is a significant component for coordinating critical cyber intelligence sharing within the retail industry, and will enable R-CISC members to take part in a common defense strategy.

Know when your business travelers are at risk with NC4’s ActivPoint™ app

May 4, 2015

NC4® is excited to announce major updates and user improvements to its ActivPoint™ smartphone application. The recent updates add a new layer of flexibility and efficiency on top of the app's positional reporting and geo-fencing features.

IDV Solutions and NC4® Announce Technical Partnership, Integration

April 22, 2015

IDV Solutions and NC4 today announced the companies have formed a technical partnership.
Through the partnership, NC4’s Enterprise Incident Feed can be integrated into IDV Solutions’ Visual Command Center® Enterprise Risk Visualization (ERV) software. The new integration will bring NC4’s real-time global incident information and intelligence to Visual Command Center’s comprehensive platform for risk awareness and response.

NC4® Announces Cyber Threat Exchange for Leading Defense Organizations

April 2, 2015

NC4 is supporting the Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE, also known as the DIB-ISAO), to provide its Cyber Threat Exchange Solutions for cyber threat information sharing. NC4 operates Cyber Threat Exchanges for over 30 trusted communities serving over 3,000 companies, government organizations, and 16,000 IT security professionals.

New Castle County Division of Police choose
NC4 Street Smart™ as their crime-fighting technology software

August 11, 2014

NC4® is excited to announce that the New Castle County Division of Police has chosen NC4 Street Smart as their crime-fighting technology software to assist their officers in combating crime while in the field. 

GPS- Enabled Devices Help Reduce Corporate Risk

July 8, 2014

NC4® announced today the general availability of its newest offering ActivPoint™. ActivPoint leverages smart phones' GPS and related technologies to capture precise position data in NC4 Risk Center, and capitalizes on the hallmark profiling capability of NC4 Risk Center to deliver timely, relevant intelligence to GPS assisted devices.

Everbridge Partners with NC4 to Deliver Global Threat Assessment and Critical Communications

March 27, 2014

Everbridge, the leader in Unified Critical Communications, has partnered with NC4 to deliver Interactive Visibility: Threat View; a fully integrated threat assessment solution. Threat View combines the world-class risk assessment intelligence of NC4 Risk Center™ with Everbridge’s Unified Critical Communication Suite and global reach, empowering organizations to respond to risks and improve resiliency.

NC4 Teams with CyberTech, Further Expanding Global Footprint

March 13, 2014

NC4 Inc., a leader in revolutionizing safety and security, has teamed with CyberTech Systems and Software, a global leader in GIS-based Public Safety Solutions to bring NC4’s world-class Safety and Security Solutions to Indian organizations. A key component of the alliance is the opening of the 24x7 CyberTech International Monitoring Center (CIMC) in Thane, India. Utilizing NC4 world-class technology and processes, the CIMC will focus on gathering information and intelligence on all-hazards incidents throughout India. Also cogent to this alliance is CyberTech’s reselling NC4 risk mitigation solutions to the India market.

Bloomington Police Department and Monroe County Sheriff’s Office choose NC4 Street Smart™

September 16, 2013

NC4 announced today that the Bloomington, IN Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office have chosen NC4 Street Smart™ to help fight crime within their jurisdiction. Bloomington Police Chief Mike Diekhoff said that creating situational awareness will be one of the most important benefits of the new system and software. “The software will be a huge benefit to our Officers in the field by not only increasing their awareness, but also helping them to connect the dots faster. Criminals won’t have anywhere to hide in Bloomington.”

NC4 Announces Release of NC4 Street Smart™ 2.0

July 8, 2013

NC4 announced today the release of NC4 Street Smart™ 2.0, giving customers even more tools at their disposal to fight crime, as well as enhance the already proven crime-reducing functionality. Chief Jane Castor of the Tampa Police Department states, “We are excited about the new release of NC4 Street Smart 2.0 and believe it will propel crime-fighting even further. TPD has seen a significant drop in crime since our deployment of NC4 Street Smart and we look forward to the additional capabilities.”

NC4 Street Smart™ wins Microsoft Collaboration and Content Partner of the Year

May 24, 2013

NC4 is excited to announce that NC4 Street Smart™ is the 2013 winner of the prestigious Microsoft Collaboration and Content Partner of the Year award. NC4 Street Smart was selected based on NC4's commitment to customers, market impact and exemplary use of Microsoft technologies.

NC4 to Launch NC4 SAFECOP™ at IACP Conference

October 1, 2012

NC4 SAFECOP is an innovative new crime-fighting solution that is already being proven to reduce crime on the streets of Tampa, Florida. NC4 SAFECOP was used at the Republican National Convention to help reduce crime by 26 percent during the event.

Former GBTA President Craig Banikowski Joins NC4

April 24, 2012

Craig Banikowski has joined NC4 as Director of Travel Programs. With over 25 years’ experience in the travel industry, Craig will continue to grow NC4’s travel risk management solutions, ensuring they meet the needs of business travelers and corporations in light of an ever-changing global marketplace. And, with his tenure and experience in the field of procurement, Banikowski will also focus on NC4’s supply chain risk mitigation solutions.

NC4 Introduces Global Insights to Travel Managers at GBTA

August 17, 2011

NC4 is introducing Global Insights, the newest addition to ActivTravel, to travel managers at the Global Business Traveler’s Association (GBTA) Convention in Denver.

Cloud Computing Service Monitors Tornadoes and other Global Events

May 26, 2011

NC4 stood up three special event programs this week to help provide its corporate and public sector customers with critical time-sensitive information on the U.S. Midwest tornadoes, Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland and the G8 Summit in Deauville, France.

NC4 to Participate in DHS Sponsored National Level Exercise (NLE 2011)

May 11, 2011

NC4 will participate in the National Level Exercise (NLE) the week of May 16-19. NLE 2011 will be based upon a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault, an area in the Midwest that over past last 100 years has seen a tremendous amount of infrastructure growth. As a participant in the exercise, NC4 will be working closely with Business Emergency Operations Centers (BEOCs) interfacing with State and Federal command centers and business organizations to test the effects of business to business communication, and enabling systems/technologies on business decision making and response behavior.

To learn how to participate, please contact us at

NC4 Signs E•SPONDER Deal to Rapidly Expand Availability of SharePoint-based Solutions to the Emergency Management Community

March 29, 2011

NC4 is proud to announce its agreement to purchase all of the assets of E•SPONDER, LLC including the E•SPONDER family of products. “We look forward to welcoming customers from around the world who are leveraging the E•SPONDER platform to collaborate during times of crisis and planning for large-scale events to the NC4 family,” says Jim Montagnino, President and CEO of NC4.

To learn more about the E•SPONDER family of products, please visit

City of Dallas using NC4 Technologies to Heighten Situational Awareness Around Super Bowl

February 3, 2011

NC4's Situational Readiness solutions are being used by four command operation centers, including the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management and the City of Dallas Police Department Fusion Center to heighten situational awareness around the Super Bowl, and protect the region during some 300 Super Bowl events leading up to the Game.