Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Risk Visibility solutions for the pharmaceuticals and biotech industry

Revolutionizing Safety & Security Solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical and biological products are necessities for millions of people around the world. Air travel delays, earthquakes, power outages, natural and man-made disasters, transportation accidents and many other situations can affect the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries' ability to manufacture, distribute and deliver these products so that they are readily available to save and improve the lives of patients. Mexico security incidents, the Japan tsunami, political uprisings and civil unrest, port strikes, as well as smaller incidents like power outages and wildfires can disrupt operations and employees. With responsibility being on improving and saving patient lives, pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations must focus on the continuation of worldwide production and timeliness of shipments. But, where can these organizations turn for getting early, relevant situational awareness of incidents that have the potential to impact their operations, and allow them to manage the crisis while continuing to deliver these life-saving and life-improving products?

Risks to not only manufacturing facilities and supply chains, but also to traveling business executives and sales forces are a constant concern. To best protect your operations and employees, it is critical that you are aware of any incidents that are close enough, or severe enough to potentially affect them. Alerts of up-to-date, real-time all-hazard incidents and intelligence, directly to the right people in your organization, helps reduce disruptions and minimize risk.

By receiving early, real-time updates of situations, and eliminating the noise of late, irrelevant information, organizations can focus on their primary goal of uninterrupted manufacturing and distribution of life-saving and life-improving products. NC4 solutions provide organizations with timely, comprehensive global threat and incident information, relevant to their needs, bringing the following benefits:

  • Speeds the ability to mitigate disruptions to operations
  • Improves overall understanding of risk drivers and geographical concentration of risk
  • Provides quick access to vendor key-contact information, in geographic context for instant visualization of potential bottlenecks
  • Historical reporting aids risk analysis in designing resiliency into the organizations business continuity plans

Contact us to learn how NC4 gives organizations situational awareness through a comprehensive, common operating picture, and the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate in near real-time to minimize disruption to an organization’s operations and employees.