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Lava flow in Hawaii threatening homes, commercial activity
A flow of lava in Hawaii could potentially destroy homes, businesses and some travel infrastructure if its path continues according to projections. Local ABC affiliate KITV reported the lava, coming from...
Tornadoes cause severe damage, deaths in Southeast US
A series of storms and tornados hit the Southeast U.S. on the evening of Dec. 23, causing severe damage and a small number of fatalities. The states facing the brunt of the damage were Mississippi and...
Ebola poses unique travel risks for business people
Despite the high level of attention paid to Ebola in the media, the disease itself isn't easily spread. There has to be very close contact between a visibly infected person and a potential new host. British...
5 tips for businesses to stay connected during the hurricane season
As the hurricane season continues, many businesses and residents are trying to stay connected in case a disastrous event strikes. While these types of incidents are unpredictable, there are ways businesses...
Iraq travel warnings updated by US State Department
For more than a decade, the travel restrictions to Iraq have come with a strict warning from U.S. government officials, but recently, the nation increased its security for all corporate and leisure travel.The...

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