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Managed Services for Mission-driven Organizations

Today's Information Age has brought organizations numerous advantages, but has also brought many challenges. Managing and protecting data using traditional networks is challenging as organizations expand to serve mission-focused programs whose members are geographically remote and technically diverse. Securing these traditional networks to allow members to share critical information such as proprietary, sensitive or other information that requires a high level of protection with need-to-know access controls is a challenge, and one that more and more organizations are turning to NC4 to address.

Leveraging its DARPA heritage and experience garnered from supporting over 100,000+ operational users for over a decade, NC4 brings organizations proven and trusted, web-accessible, secure communication and collaboration solutions. NC4's Managed Services bring members a flexible, compartmented data sharing environment configured with effective collaborative tools and the needed functionality for exchanging mission-critical information.

NC4's Managed Services enable mission participants to share critical information, including Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), and other highly sensitive forms of government and/or corporate information. Benefits of the NC4 safety and security solution include:

  • Proven secure environment, built to rigorous U.S. government standards
  • Global access - anytime, anywhere
  • Cost savings of a web-based, hosted application
  • Full-service Support Center

Contact us to learn how NC4's Managed Services provide organizations with a need to support mission-focused members the ability to maximize the value of collaboration while minimizing IT development, cost and management.