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For Law Enforcement to keep pace with the criminals, they must leverage the advancements of web-based tools and technologies to improve crime-fighting efficiency. Capabilities in blogging, electronic bulletins and social media are no longer nice-to-haves, but are now must-have law enforcement tools. However, in many agencies, police officers still have to rely on physical notepads and memory to log information, to then be summarized and shared at the end of their shifts. Further encumbering this process, officer updates are gathered, consolidated and distributed via email, sometimes taking close to 48-hours for the information to circulate to other officers – information that could help to save a life.

NC4’s law enforcement technology solutions provide agencies with technology-based tools to improve their efficiency in fighting crime. NC4 Street Smart® enables officers to share relevant, structured and unstructured information in real-time through situation-based bulletins and police blogs – all the while having this crime data at their fingertips while out on patrol in their communities. Instead of waiting for information to be disseminated via email on a 24-48 hour delayed cycle, our tools give officers the ability to connect-the-dots faster and accurately pinpoint crimes, patterns and incidents.

NC4 law enforcement technology solutions provide law enforcement organizations a powerful suite of tools that:

  • Centralizes crime-related data into a single data store per industry standards (NIEM, CJIS)
  • Allows data to be mined more effectively
  • Reduces paper pushing
  • Provides increased situational awareness of officers in the field, maximizing their effectiveness

NC4 law enforcement technology solutions also allow police officers to share crime data with different cities and counties, making it virtually impossible for criminals to hide from law enforcement.

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