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Law Enforcement

How NC4 Street Smart helps with Community Relationships
Building strong relationships with the public is a major component in community policing and plays a significant role in reducing crime rates. Community-oriented policing inverts traditional and hierarchical...
The Social and Economic Impact of Crime on Communities
High crime rates inflict an immense cost on a community both socially and economically. Communities and law enforcement agencies today require a modern set of strategies and tactics to keep communities...
Law Enforcement Technology Infographic
NC4 Street Smart® provides law enforcement technology to departments that streamlines operations. That gained efficiency allows more time to be put towards solving and preventing crime. NC4 Street Smart...
5 Ways to Reduce Crime in Your Community
Crime prevention and reduction is a complex issue with many different schools of thought. A multitude of societal factors play a part in community crime rates. Everything from access to preschool to amped...
3 Public Service Agencies Using NC4 Street Smart
Public safety agencies of large cities and small rural communities are discovering more and more the need for high-level law enforcement technology in helping their organizations. From data storage to...

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