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Law Enforcement

The Importance of Using Blogs in Policing
Creating quicker connections and easing communication flow between police officers in the field is of utmost importance today. Criminals are using mobile phones, social media and online communication tools...
How NC4 Street Smart helps with Community Relationships
Building strong relationships with the public is a major component in community policing and plays a significant role in reducing crime rates. Community-oriented policing inverts traditional and hierarchical...
The Social and Economic Impact of Crime on Communities
High crime rates inflict an immense cost on a community both socially and economically. Communities and law enforcement agencies today require a modern set of strategies and tactics to keep communities...
Law Enforcement Technology Infographic
NC4 Street Smart® provides law enforcement technology to departments that streamlines operations. That gained efficiency allows more time to be put towards solving and preventing crime. NC4 Street Smart...
5 Ways to Reduce Crime in Your Community
Crime prevention and reduction is a complex issue with many different schools of thought. A multitude of societal factors play a part in community crime rates. Everything from access to preschool to amped...

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