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Revolutionizing Safety & Security Solutions for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement's need for sophisticated technology to support mission demands for fighting and reducing crime is ever increasing. Even with all the technological advances available today, many law enforcement officers still rely on physical notepads and memory to store information, and then use these notes and memories to complete their daily log at shift's end. These daily logs are consolidated and distributed via email, but often on a 24-48 hour delayed cycle. Getting time-sensitive, crime-related information into the hands of all law enforcement officers quickly is imperative for reducing crime, and will only be accomplished through the use of technology.

NC4 Street Smart® is a sophisticated law enforcement technology that arms police officers with critical, real-time crime data while on patrol in the city’s streets. Being able to quickly share relevant, unstructured information through situation-based bulletins and police blogs, and having this crime data at an officers fingertips, gives them the ability to connect-the-dots faster and accurately pinpoint crimes, patterns and incidents. Instead of waiting for information to be passed via email on a 24-48 hour delayed cycle, NC4 Street Smart helps officers quickly find previously unknown connections between offenders and/or incidents to solve crimes faster and reduce the crime rate.

"NC4 Street Smart takes advantage of successful policing practices combined with a proven technology platform to provide a common operating picture. What used to be handled in roll calls or on notepads now lives in a solution that is available around the clock to all officers and gives them information in near real time at their fingertips."

~ Former Assistant Chief John Bennett, Tampa Police Department

NC4 Street Smart provides law enforcement organizations a powerful suite of tools that:

  • Centralizes crime-related data into a single data store per industry standards (NIEM, CJIS)
  • Allows data to be mined more effectively
  • Reduces paper pushing
  • Provides increased situational awareness of officers in the field, maximizing their effectiveness
  • Provides the opportunity for integration partners to leverage feeds, training and support and allows for localization by international partners

NC4 Street Smart also allows law enforcement officers to share crime data with different cities and counties, making it virtually impossible for criminals to hide from the law. Contact us to learn how NC4 can help you fight crime.