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NC4 Public Safety Solutions for Healthcare

NC4 Healthcare Solution

Internal and external factors can create risks that can affect healthcare facilities and organizations, and quickly impact operations. When crises strike, healthcare facilities, operations and employees must continue in spite of what may be occurring near and around them. Immediate situational awareness and the ability to collaborate among the various business units in your healthcare organization can mean the difference between success and failure. Knowing exactly what the crisis is in near real-time, increases your ability to quickly enact your plans, and the ability to easily collaborate enables you to synchronize all of your players.

NC4 provides real-time situational awareness and intelligence that is focused on what your threats are and where they are in relation to your facilities. NC4's Healthcare Solution provides:

  • Real-time situational awareness and intelligence about threats in relation to your facilities
  • Situational awareness information automatically populates your Crisis Management System
  • Common Operating Picture populated with real-time crisis information
  • GIS, Reporting, and Dashboards let you visualize information
  • Key personnel have immediate situational awareness on the crisis impacting your organization and facilities
  • Integrate other key systems
  • HICS forms readily available for responders
  • Automated reports for managers and executives
  • Maintain real-time awareness of critical assets that are shared between facilities in a crisis

Contact us today to learn how the NC4 Healthcare solution can provide your healthcare organization with timely, relevant incident information and the tools to track and manage your resources and assets. Let us help to relieve some of the pressures from the unknown variables so your team can focus on continuing to deliver vital health care services to the public and your patients.