NC4 Solutions for Government Missions

Revolutionizing Safety & Security Solutions for Government

Best practices for improvement in mission execution for Homeland Security, whether for Emergency Management, Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR and CIP) missions or enabling continuity of government (COG), are often elusive. Risk mitigation in times of crisis, planned event management and day-to-day operations is another elusive goal, but one that is mandatory for mission assurance and duty of care. Achieving best practices for mission execution and superior situational awareness for mitigating risks is challenging if you don't have the in-house resources or an experienced partner.

Enhancing business processes using computer-assisted workflows can facilitate improvements in mission execution. By utilizing FISMA compliant, secure Managed Services and self-hosted solutions, government organizations can apply best practices across missions with operational users spanning organizational and geographic constraints. And, when combined with superior situational awareness of potential risks to the organization, the decision-making process for reducing vulnerabilities and mitigating risks can be achieved within and across organizational boundaries.

Over the past decade, NC4 has served government through solutions for Situational Awareness, Homeland Security, Emergency Management, CIKR and CIP and COG, with both software licensing and Managed Services solutions. At the core of NC4 safety and security solutions are advanced technologies in security, data integrity, decision support, reporting and GIS that can be automated within your business processes to enable rapid understanding of information. The combination of these advanced technologies with relevant, real-time, all-hazard data from the NC4 International Monitoring Center (NIMC) enhances overall situational awareness and feeds a common operating picture (COP) applied to mission operations.

Realizing the benefit of a modular approach, elements of NC4's suite of products can be used independently or as an integrated suite to best fit an organization's unique requirements and timelines, bringing the following benefits.

  • Enhances business processes by applying best practices
  • Heightens situational awareness to enable responsible and actionable risk mitigation
  • Ease-of-use and rapid to implement
  • Security built-in at the core, not as a bolt-on module

Contact us to learn how the NC4 solutions can bring order to chaos, confidence in times of crisis, and peace of mind to enable your team to work as planned and enhance mission accomplishment.