Public Safety


Fire Response Solutions

For fire and rescue, the mission to protect life, property, and natural resources never changes. What does change are the new challenges and ever increasing demands fire departments must meet to achieve their objectives and provide fire response services. Fires can threaten public safety, health and welfare – you must be able to quickly answer questions such as: where is the fire and how fast is it spreading; what are the priority valuables to protect; and what are the risks to firefighters and the community?

Having an incident management tool that enables fire departments to share critical information is paramount to protecting the health and safety of the public. The ability to quickly access real-time information for a common operating picture while responding to a fire, results in quicker and safer response times. Effective response requires adequate planning and preparedness.

NC4 solutions enable multiple fire response entities to share critical information when collaborating in the preparation, response, resolution and review processes associated with daily activities, events and incidents. Benefits include:

  • Proven NIMS/ICS compliance and usage
  • Automated ICS forms, simplifying collection of data
  • Resource tracking, including personnel and equipment
  • Real-time communications, including voice and text-based alerting to thousands
  • Flexibility, it is customizable to your organization's needs
  • Information is displayed in real-time

Contact us to learn how NC4's fire response solutions fulfill agencies communications, situational awareness, and data management needs by providing a variety of usable, web-accessible tools.