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Duty of Care

It’s an Unpredictable World: 4 Features of ActivPoint® To Keep Your Employees Safe
Companies have a legal and moral duty to provide the highest possible level of care to their employees—especially those employees who put themselves at risk with business travel. ActivPoint is an indispensable...
Travel Risk Management & Duty of Care: There is a Distinct Difference
Employee business travel has grown to be more complex over the years. The amount of coordination that is necessary, and the ways in which employees may face threats when on the move, has made the job of...
4 Ways NC4 Risk Center Can Help Protect Organizations
NC4 is a brand that has proven its worth to an array of businesses in the realm of risk mitigation. We help companies feel more secure and alert in day-to-day operations across the globe. NC4 Risk Center,...
Building a Strong Mass Notification System
As critical as planning for emergency situations is, all that work and preparation will be wasted if communication systems are not in place when they are crucially needed. The concept of communication...
Dennis v Norwegian Refugee Council Ruling Emphasizes Importance of Duty of Care
Companies, no matter their goals when sending employees to overseas locations, need to constantly be aware of their duty of care obligations. This isn't just good practice, but in many countries, a direct...

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