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Can NC4 Street Smart defeat Groundhog Day?
While the traditional Groundhog Day has been around since the 1800's, the term Groundhog Day comes from the 1993 movie of the same title, where the actor Bill Murray portrays a weatherman who relives the...
The Email Problem: How Communication Becomes a Force-Multiplier
Law Enforcement faces tremendous external pressure to fight crime with fewer officers due to budget cuts, but the problem that ultimately creates the most chaos and inefficiency for police departments...
Predictive Systems vs. Intelligence-Led Policing
Law Enforcement's need for sophisticated technology to support mission demands for fighting and reducing crimes is ever increasing. Providing law enforcement officers with real-time crime reporting to...
Focus on Four Plan yields Tampa Police Department record low crime rates
The Tampa Police Department (TPD) has managed to lower crime rates by unprecedented numbers year after year for the last fifteen years. Their success has been attributed to a revolutionary new approach...
3 Crimes to Watch Out for This Summer — and How to Prevent Them
Summer is a season marked by barbeques, vacations, and pool parties. But it also marks a high season for crime. According to a recent study by the Department of Justice, burglaries, violent crime, property...

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