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NC4 Corporate Security Solutions

Corporate Security Solutions

In a rapidly changing and ever-increasingly dangerous world, business and governments' responsibility to protect personnel, physical assets, inventories, and supply chains also increases, and oftentimes, exponentially. The need to know about situations which may have an adverse effect on people and places nearby or across the world places a significant demand on individuals or departments within an organization tasked with keeping the enterprise safe and secure. Whether it's a minor fire or roadway incident adjacent to a plant or office complex, a volcanic eruption, a hurricane or typhoon bearing down on a specific location, a police activity, hazardous materials incident, political uprising, bombing, or acts of terrorism, security professionals need timely, accurate information and the tools to mitigate risk, manage incidents and avert disasters.

Proactively protecting assets, employees and inventories begins with having the tools to know what is happening that has the potential of affecting the organization. From having tools for quickly and efficiently documenting internal security incidents, to getting properly vetted, near real-time all-hazards information of situations "outside the fence", NC4 solutions can provide security professionals valuable time in mitigating risk to protect the organizations they serve.

NC4 safety and security solutions bring organizations an unparalleled level of situational awareness by providing them a better understanding of current and emergent situations, along with critical contextual information and relevant assessments, and easy-to-use tools to efficiently manage both internal and external security issues. NC4 solutions enhance an organization's security posture with the following benefits:

  • Extends the organization's ability to monitor, gather and analyze potential risks
  • Heightens situational awareness to enable intelligent risk management and mitigation to protect assets, personnel and supply chains
  • Speeds escalation and response times
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Improves intelligence sharing for informed decision making across the enterprise

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