​We are pleased to announce that NC4, a leading supplier of information sharing solutions for both cyber and physical threat information, has acquired Soltra.

NC4 has a long standing history in providing secure solutions for sharing sensitive physical and cyber threat information to protect our nation’s critical infrastructure.  While currently working with many of the leading Information Sharing entities, NC4 is committed to creating and enhancing solutions that advance the nation’s defense against cybercrime. NC4 will be providing support services, financial support, planning and direction for Soltra’s future with input from the member community and the FS-ISAC. This acquisition will allow NC4 to provide solutions for the sharing of threat intelligence, now through automation, for the financial services industry and beyond.

“The ground-breaking work achieved by Soltra-based automation was only made possible because of the leadership and support from DTCC and the FS-ISAC.  We look forward to continuing the great solutions that Soltra has provided to enable automated cyber information-sharing within trusted communities,” said Jim Montagnino, NC4 CEO and President.  

“NC4 has worked with the FS-ISAC for over a decade, providing information sharing solutions for both cyber threats, through their Cyber Threat Exchange (CTX) system, as well as physical threats through their NC4 Risk Center solution. With NC4's acquisition of Soltra, we now look forward to extending information threat  sharing in the Financial Services industry through automation,"  said Bill Nelson, President and CEO of the FS-ISAC.

Soltra-based solutions will continue to be used to automate threat intelligence sharing among FS-ISAC members.

New Version of Soltra Edge

At the FS-ISAC Fall Summit held in October in Nashville, Soltra announced that there would be an advanced version of Soltra Edge called Edge 2.9 which would be fee based and available later in 2016 with a 90 day trial.

NC4 is excited to bring the new Edge 2.9 solution to the market and will provide an update regarding Edge 2.9 availability by mid-December.

NC4 will be discussing their strategies and plans throughout the first half of 2017. In January 2017, NC4 will provide updates on the strategy and direction of automated cyber programs and solutions. There will also be further updates by NC4 at the FS ISAC Annual Summit held in the spring of 2017.

Existing Customers

NC4 is focused on our customers. We will reach out to all customers as we assume support operations for Soltra customers and look forward to working with you to ensure successful sharing of threat information via Soltra automation. We encourage you to submit any questions, comments or concerns to