NC4 Signal™

NC4 Signal Leverages Open Source Intelligence for Public Safety

Leveraging Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Safety & Security

Many organizations are embracing the Internet as a powerful tool for researching and preventing safety incidents. The intelligence developed through effective research of online intelligence can have a significant positive impact on safety operations. However, the use of OSINT poses both an opportunity and a challenge for organizations. The ever increasing volume of information can be staggering and therefore difficult to manage.

NC4 Signal™ is an OSINT tool that is designed to filter through the endless flow of information across the web, and presents you with a customized stream of rich, relevant data in real-time. NC4 Signal provides your security teams with the ability to leverage OSINT in developing intelligent insight. Delivered through the Microsoft Azure Government cloud, it is available anywhere, anytime from any web-enabled device.

The sharing of information and the posting of images and videos on the Internet provides unparalleled insights into events as they unfold, allowing organizations to detect issues and react accordingly. Information can be filtered based on information needs, visualized in maps and lists, and then integrated into strategic, tactical and operational decision-making to ensure optimum results. Gather information from anywhere in the world:            

  • A street address, city or state; a stadium or other landmarks
  • Research topics, words and phrases
  • Look into activity and developments as they unfold
  • Identify current trends or research historical data

OSINT is not a radical new way forward, rather, it’s a way of using the information that is already around us in exponentially more useful ways, with simple tools like NC4 Signal.

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