NC4 Risk Center™


Solutions to Mitigate Risks

All-hazards events can create risks that can affect any part of an organization and can quickly impact operations. Up-the-ante when you factor in globalization. Those tasked with protecting critical infrastructure, physical assets, supply chains and employees must have risk visibility with access to real-time threat information and predictive intelligence in order to execute a coordinated response to mitigate risks to the organizations they serve.

Numerous Fortune 500 organizations rely on NC4 to be their eyes and ears to what is happening around the globe to better protect their assets, operations and employees with risk mitigation strategies and tools. NC4 evaluates worldwide incidents and events in real-time, providing early warning and predictive intelligence of risks that could threaten critical infrastructure, cause business disruption or affect employee health and safety.

NC4 integrates technology and resources around all-hazards information collection and analysis into its proactive risk management application, NC4 Risk Center™. NC4 Risk Center enhances member's capabilities in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to risks that pose a threat to their organization. NC4 Risk Center includes:

NC4 is being used by organizations across the globe in the areas of corporate security, business continuity, supply chain risk management, travel risk management, watch command, fusion centers, and many others, to enhance situational awareness.

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