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How Social Media Monitoring is Helping Police Agencies

The days of a simple wanted poster on a saloon door have vanished. Law enforcement technology has migrated with the times, and in terms of information and public dissemination of criminal intent, perhaps no time has accelerated in technological sophistication quite like what we've seen as we head further into the 21st century. Sophisticated challenges in the digital world require sophisticated answers. And this is at the heart of the concept behind NC4 Signal™.

Law Enforcement Technology | Social Media Monitoring & Police Agencies

One the great challenges for modern law enforcement when dealing with social media is volume. Cutting through the noise and randomness associated with the social web, and determining not only what issues affect a local unit, but which ones are credible, can be very difficult without assistance. Upgraded technology can be the key here: with NC4 Signal, local law enforcement technology takes on a veneer of sophistication found traditionally in more high-level international crime fighting software.

Two tremendous tools in this platform's kit are keyword stakeouts and public post stakeouts. With keyword stakeouts, your law enforcement unit can search the web in real-time for hyper-specific language and threats that have come to particular attention. NC4 Signal software can cut through the clutter of the digital space and provide your agency the help it needs to focus in on particular tweets, posts, and social media conversations that could be a threat. With public post stakeouts, NC4 Signal assists in sifting through various local level posts to provide an early picture of a possible problematic situation. There are geo-location techniques possible, as well. This online presence is becoming increasingly vital, and increasingly useful, for any police department.

Law enforcement agencies are not limiting themselves to only pulling information from publically available social media posts. Increasingly, agencies use these same social media platforms to disseminate critical information to local communities, obtain additional information on suspects, or leverage the support of the online community in getting digital wanted posters out in a variety of outlets. Working with the online community is key, and having the tools to do so will take any law enforcement agency one more step into the future.

NC4 Signal helps you connect with relevant information across the world as well as across the street through social media. Knowledge is powerful and using it wisely and correctly is the key to effective crime fighting. With this important law enforcement technology, departments can move quickly into the 21st century of law enforcement and find themselves and their community safer and more secure from unfolding threats. For more information, please contact us online, or call 1-877-624-4999.

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