CTX/Soltra Edge

Soltra Edge

Founded by DTCC and FS-ISAC, Soltra was acquired by the leading supplier of cyber threat intelligence sharing solutions, NC4, in November 2016.

On December 19, we released the latest version of CTX/Soltra Edge for download. The release includes:

  • Two-way direct AIS Support
  • Improved Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Support Package

Standard pricing for CTX/Soltra Edge starts at $15,000/year. However, a special introductory price is available for $8,500 if purchased before March 15, 2017. Start with a free 90-day trial! Click on the download link in the right column here to get started!

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The CTX/Soltra Edge Difference

In an environment where the volume and frequency of cyber attacks have soared dramatically, organizations are increasingly seeking more effective ways to safeguard their organizations against the rising risk and cost of attacks.

Minimizing the time between detection and the response to threats is critical. CTX/Soltra Edge has the ability to dramatically compress the time from awareness to decision to defensive action from days, hours or minutes to only seconds. It starts with a connection.

Community defense enables organizations to plug into a vast universe of threat information that they can use to implement defensive measures. That information results from the sharing of data among many organizations leveraging an automated platform. The enormous amount of data available in the shared pool needs to be quickly standardized and organized to enable action. It needs to be processed in seconds. It needs automation. That's where CTX/Soltra Edge comes in.

  • Understand
    CTX/Soltra Edge provides a standardized, automated and centralized threat intelligence sharing platform designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes for security analysts to understand threat information and take action to address it. The threat intelligence, which may be sourced from peers, vendors and communities across industries and sectors, is normalized and easily accessible to facilitate decision-making.
  • Decide
    With rapid access and contextual understanding of threat information, organizations are better equipped to detect and act on indicators of compromise.
  • Act
    Make strategic decisions to take immediate defensive action.

Benefits of CTX/Soltra Edge

  • Automated Threat Intelligence Sharing
    Eliminates slow and error-prone manual processes through fully automated, machine-to-machine communication.
  • Interoperable Platform
    Platform leverages open standards and embraces integration with multiple solutions.
  • Shorter Timeframe to Action
    The timeframe between detection and protection from cyber attacks is significantly reduced.
  • Aggregated & Centralized Data
    Aggregates data from a wide variety of sources in one place, in a common language, so that the data is easier to understand and can be acted on appropriately.
  • Standards-Driven
    Provides standardized intelligence gathering, processing and dissemination. Industry-adopted STIX and TAXII standards streamline communication among disparate sources and tools.


CTX/Soltra Edge is relied on by many organizations and is the most widely adopted cyber threat intelligence sharing platform in the world. Other solutions only say they're STIX/TAXII compatible, but there are limitations under the hood. CTX/Soltra Edge is built on the STIX & TAXII standards and is designed to integrate with non-standard sources.

Join the largest community of TAXII servers, adopted around the world in nearly every industry sector, as we continue to grow and share CTI to battle threat actors by contacting us today at SoltraSales@NC4.com, or at 877-624-4999.